Sunday, October 2, 2011

condom manufacturers message and customer expectations inadequacy

The title says it all and is the reason why I decided to write.

All men - thus women - were, are or will be condom users.
Men then face the same situation women do when buying bras. Unfortunately, the comparison stops here:
- Where women buy and wear bras based on straight facts (band and cup size with a pretty precise yet tricky way), men have no opportunity to use a correct measuring system. The Amsterdam condom shop Condomerie is trying to set a measuring sytem for condoms, but it is far from being widely applied and still has some drawbacks.
- Men are not as mature as women. It seems so difficult for men to face objectively the truth: either small, standard or big, men tend to try to fit their penises in the biggest possible condoms, with all associated risks of slippage...
- Condom manufacturers use this as a marketing weapon in two different ways:
     - Use a non harmonized label system where the use of words like LARGE, XL, Extra-Large... surf on the men's lack of self-estim and confidence.
     - They do not tell the truth about penis size, thus reinforcing the impression of many men, especially the younger ones, that they "do not fit".

Because of all these reasons, I will try to import some objective figures into this subject, especially about erect penis circumference, and propose a way to determine the best fitting condom size.

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