Thursday, December 27, 2012

MY.SIZE: Find your perfect sized condom (or not)

Most of the condom companies produce one or few condom sizes, and anyway all the sizes are in a narrow range (from 49 to 57mm).

Some companies have decided to address this issue, by proposing a wide range of sizes:
  • Coripa produces 55 sizes,
  • TheyFit produces 95 sizes, with 12 nominal widths (from 41 to 69mm). See my review here.
MY.SIZE company decided to take an intermediate path by proposing 7 different nominal widths (from 47mm to 69mm), but only one length per width.

In order to choose, 3 easy steps:
  1. Measure your erect penis circumference (by downloading their measuring tape, if you wish, but you don't have to),
  2. Enter the obtained value,
  3. get your MY.SIZE condom size.



Fill in your erect penis circumference (girth)

Get your MY.SIZE condom size

This is very simple, but there are few drawbacks:
  • The proposed condom size applies only to the MY.SIZE brand. Do not use this size for another brand. Each producer can and does use its own recipe, which modifies the latex and condom properties. See here for explanations.
  • You can not choose your condom length. And MY.SIZE correlates circumference and length. If you have a large and short penis, the proposed MY.SIZE condom will be large and long. Example: a penis between 13 and 14cm girth and 15cm long would wear a 64mm condom which is 22.3cm long! This does not seem right. Please find below the chart:

MY.SIZE is a great concept, but I am not sure it can fulfill the needs of most people, because of the pointed drawbacks.

On top of it, the calculations differ between the official website and some on-line shop and distributors.
Example: VINICO proposes a 57mm MY.SIZE condom for 130mm penis girth and a 60mm for a 135mm penis girth.
This kind of inconsistency is not good for the business as it does not give confidence.

TENGA fitting: the art of customer care (and masturbation)

Today we will focus on a Japanese company which is revolutionizing the sex toy universe for male. 
We will not focus on the toys themselves or on the art of masturbation (I leave it to each individual's preference) but rather on the tool they developed on-line in order to help men choose the best fitting toy, based on their erect penile dimensions. Indeed, this gives a strong echo to the way condoms should be chosen:

TENGA fitting

The tool itself requires few information inputs:
  • the erect penis length,
  • the erect head diameter,
  • the erect shaft diameter,
  • plus two information directed towards masturbation taste:
    • the desired strength,
    • the feeling point (where you most enjoy stimulation).

By clicking on the Start Analysis button, you are given a list of the three toys supposed to better fit your needs:

TENGA has also created a nice blog:

I was particularly interested in their post about the 500 000 Japanese measured thanks to the TENGA fitting tool.

From the data gathered on the Japanese version, they created the “average erect penis” in Japan. Of course it can not be considered as a scientific study, but there may very well be some truth in it as the customers have absolutely no interest whatsoever in cheating.
NB: They plan to do the same with the international version, once they get enough data.
For fun, I used the tool to create the "average penises" of the different studies reported here:

Few superficial remarks:
  • I used the shaft diameter as the head diameter every time this data was missing.
  • Do not trust too much the length as it is almost impossible to know how it was recorded (pressing or not on the pubic bone...).
  • Japanese penises look more like a "mushroom" type penis, contrary to the Germans who have a glans diameter smaller than the shaft diameter. 
  • Once again, the differences between these different studies are very small, and I am not even sure the differences are statistically significant.
To finish here is what the world average (based on these studies) would look like, as well as the perfect toy match:

1) Deep throat cup (US) 2) Soft tube cup and 3) Deep throat cup (soft)

To conclude, the TENGA website in general and the TENGA fitting in particular are funny, customer oriented and professional. 
This is mainly lacking in the condom industry, even if some progress has been done lately - particularly TheyFit company, the best overall condom supplier out there. I would love to see so well designed condom websites.