Sunday, December 25, 2011

How big is big - How small is small - What is normal - How do I compare?

Penis size comparison The number of "penis size" articles on the internet is absolutely incredible. This blog tries and shows how to correctly find out the best fitting condom. But this time, I would like to spend some time on this subject to have men stop worrying about it.

As we saw previously (, the average erect penis dimensions are as follow:
  • average erect penis circumference: 121.67mm +-13.34mm (4.79in +-0.53in)
  • average erect penis length (remember to press the pubic bone with your ruler): 147.64mm +-19.78mm (5.81in +-0.78in). 
By comparing the results of 50 scientific studies conducted since 1942, which between them have measured 11 531 penises, a review published in the BJU International demonstrated the average erect penis length to be 14 to 16cm (5.5 to 6.3in) and circumference to be 12 to 13cm (4.7 to 5.1in).

The scientific community considers that any penis fitting within the mean + or - 2 standard deviations is perfectly normal. As an example, the condom sizes start at 45 or 47mm, which, at minimum, corresponds to the mean erect circumference minus 2 standard deviations (94.99mm).

From the above definition, more than 95% of the penises can be considered normal. And 2/3 of the penises are average (+ or - one standard deviation).

Please find below the corresponding charts to the erect penis girth (circumference) and length:

Graphically, this translates as follows:

Very small Small Average Big Very big
108mm X 95mm 128mm X 108mm 148mm X 122mm 167mm X 135mm 187mm X 148mm

Almost all penises are normal, and the great majority is average!

There is no excuse anymore to be worried! There are also different shaped condoms out there to suit those who want more "head room", a tighter grip on the shaft, or a flared shape, for example. Check out this Condom Size Calculator for help.

Now, instead of focusing so much on size, depending on the type of penis you have, you may feel the need to adapt your behaviour and strategy (provided that love, care, attention to your partner should already be what really matters).

For a bit of fun, I invite you to go to this page which happens to have a fairly good estimate of the averages:
Your trouser snake

Wylie, K.; Eardley, I. (2007). "Penile size and the 'small penis syndrome'". BJU international 99 (6): 1449–1455
Penile size and the 'small penis syndrome'