Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Shape Matters

This post is meant to help people know what condom shapes are out there on the market to find the right fit.  

Another thing about condom fitting: SHAPE.

We've researched a lot about condom sizes and the importance of knowing the base width that matches your penis size (view dimensions table here).

Knowing condom shape is particularly relevant to guys who fit the width of regular condoms but still experience "problem spots", or find they are in between sizes. Some penises have a wider base width compared to head girth, hence a tapered fit at the bell end is required, rather than a classic straight walled condom. Shape should be factored in if you often experience the head on the condom being too tight or too loose. There are condoms out there with unique shapes to solve these fitting issues.

Many manufacturers now put on the condom box the base width and shape. To know what shape will suit you, the best thing to do is experiment with different styles. Condoms come in at least four main shapes: Straight walled, flare, large head, tapered head. Here I'll elaborate on each category and offer examples. Links to condoms are affiliate links that might earn me a few pennies if you buy online.

Straight Condoms

This is a traditional shape that has been around since at least the 1930s. They are usually 52 - 54mm wide from the opening all the way up to the teat. In other words, the base width and head width are the same.

Usually thin condoms are straight shaped. For example, most latex free condoms (which tend to be thinner than latex) such as Durex Avanti Real Feel, LifeStyles SKYN, and Trojan Supra are straight shaped. There is also LifeStyles Tuxedo and most ONE condoms come in classic shape. Japanese condoms are known for their thinnest and also are straight shaped, like Kimono MicroThin and Beyond Seven. (Fit tip: If you need a slightly tighter condom, Japanese condoms are a good choice as they are a little bit narrower than other leading brands' regular sizes).      

Flare-shape Condoms

Flare shape means that the base width is a few millimeters wider than the mid-shaft and has a contoured, anatomically shaped head. More and more condoms are being built this way because of it's easy roll-on design. Flare shape is ideal for guys who want a bit more room at the head of the condom. Examples of condoms with this shape are: Durex's Enhanced PleasureExtra Sensitive, and Trojan's Her Pleasure, Pure Ecstasy, and LifeStyles Ultra THYN.

Large Headroom or "Comfort Fit"

There's a variety of shapes for larger headed condoms. Some are designed with a wider bell-shaped head (usually 56mm or more) that tapers in at the shaft. Examples of this include ONE Pleasure Dome, Kimono Maxx, LifeStyles KYNG and Durex PleasureMax.

For other "comfort shaped" condoms, it is less anatomically contoured but more "roomy". The width expands very wide along the shaft, tapering just at the base for a secure fit- similar to a light bulb shape. Almost all XL condoms are designed this way, such as Trojan Magnums and Durex XXL.

The condom with the largest head is LifeStyles Pleasure Tipp at 74mm wide! (see Condom Monologues size calculator for details).

There are also condoms out there that are designed with a "pleasure pouch" at the bell end- kind of like an extra foreskin -to add more stimulation for both partners, such as ONE Pleasure Plus.

Tapered Head, or "Close Fit"

These condoms can be designed either narrower or wider at the base and taper in at the head. Close fitting condoms are popular because many people like the tightness. For some, it makes their penis feel harder. This is a good choice for any guy who experiences the head of condoms being too loose.

Some condoms to choose from in this category include LifeStyles 3Sum, Snugger Fit and Atlas True Fit

Have you tried any of the condoms mentioned in this post? Let me know in the comments