Sunday, October 9, 2011

Condom and penis size table applied to the CAS index - a tribute to Condomerie

Correspondence between CAS and Penis size The old saying is, women don't have penis envy, men do. And widespread pornography may have distorted the male self-image, as well as the poor marketing strategies used by condom makers, competing with the not nearly as adapted paradigm "SMALL, STANDARD, LARGE, XL".

Let's come back a bit to the bra analogy. Here, there is not such a concept. Bras are classified by objective numbers, and even if it is not as perfect as it could be, women choose bras, based on this measuring system.

Condomerie in Netherlands has created such a system, by first removing the hard measures (length, circumference) and replacing it with a circumference / length ranking: The CAS index (which stands for Condomerie Amsterdam Standard index). This should do the trick by removing a great deal of anxiety, especially among youngsters. Please go here for the full explanation: Condomerie CAS Index

Actually, the CAS index is even more accurate, as it takes into account:

- the condom circumference at the opening,
- the condom circumference at 7cm from the opening,
- the thickness of the condom wall,
- the condom length.

The CAS is then laid down this way: CAS 2 / 2 /.. / D, with letters, dots and numbers following the matching rule explained on the Condomerie web site. 

I propose to match the CAS, which ranks condoms based on objective criteria, with the erect penis circumference (to simplify, I will take into account only the opening circumference of the condom).

Here is a simplified matching table between condom CAS and penis size:

Find your erect penis circumference in the proposed ranges, and simply pick the CAS and/or condom sizes that fit you well.
For example, a man with an erect penis circumference of 5.2in could use any condom whose CAS index is 7. A man with an erect penis circumference of 127mm could use any condom whose CAS index is 6.

Of course, the determination of the erect penis length would be necessary to complete the CAS index:
If the erect penis is e.g. 155mm and given that the condom thickness is standard at 0.06mm, the CAS would become for our last example CAS: 6 / 6 / .. / D

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