Thursday, December 27, 2012

MY.SIZE: Find your perfect sized condom (or not)

Most of the condom companies produce one or few condom sizes, and anyway all the sizes are in a narrow range (from 49 to 57mm).

Some companies have decided to address this issue, by proposing a wide range of sizes:
  • Coripa produces 55 sizes,
  • TheyFit produces 95 sizes, with 12 nominal widths (from 41 to 69mm). See my review here.
MY.SIZE company decided to take an intermediate path by proposing 7 different nominal widths (from 47mm to 69mm), but only one length per width.

In order to choose, 3 easy steps:
  1. Measure your erect penis circumference (by downloading their measuring tape, if you wish, but you don't have to),
  2. Enter the obtained value,
  3. get your MY.SIZE condom size.



Fill in your erect penis circumference (girth)

Get your MY.SIZE condom size

This is very simple, but there are few drawbacks:
  • The proposed condom size applies only to the MY.SIZE brand. Do not use this size for another brand. Each producer can and does use its own recipe, which modifies the latex and condom properties. See here for explanations.
  • You can not choose your condom length. And MY.SIZE correlates circumference and length. If you have a large and short penis, the proposed MY.SIZE condom will be large and long. Example: a penis between 13 and 14cm girth and 15cm long would wear a 64mm condom which is 22.3cm long! This does not seem right. Please find below the chart:

MY.SIZE is a great concept, but I am not sure it can fulfill the needs of most people, because of the pointed drawbacks.

On top of it, the calculations differ between the official website and some on-line shop and distributors.
Example: VINICO proposes a 57mm MY.SIZE condom for 130mm penis girth and a 60mm for a 135mm penis girth.
This kind of inconsistency is not good for the business as it does not give confidence.


  1. This blog is really interesting, especially as being 'slightly less than average', I've always struggled to find the 'perfect' condom.

    Would you like a guest blog about my search for it? It would include my trials of the various custom-fitted and off-the-shelf condoms discussed here, taking some of the maths and adding in some of the real life considerations in choosing the right condom?


  2. Mathematics are useful, indeed :)

    1. Nice idea you have there, but you are only at the beginning.
      Keep it up.

  3. Interesting informations, we just opened our "Condom Blog", check it out if you'd like to have some fun watching our condom collection :) Greatings from Italy!

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