Monday, April 30, 2012

Condomerie perfect fit tool: sized to fit condoms

Many people have been waiting for such a tool for a (very) long time. Condomerie finally did it: they created a tool to help people determine their correct condom size based on their erect penis dimensions.

Condomerie perfect fit: sized to fit condoms

3 easy steps:
  1. Measure your erect penis
  2. Enter the obtained values and get your condom size thanks to the CAS index
  3. Check the different advised condoms

You can enter your erect penis circumference and length either by using the slides or by typing it in. For the ones who are not used to the international system of measure, a conversion tool in inches is proposed:

Once done, you can read your result:

For the ones not used to the CAS index, a shortcut is proposed:

The condomerie shop proposes different brands corresponding to your calculated size:

The tool is very impressive. It gives very accurate results.
However, one could notice that Condomerie took a bit safer approach than what was proposed in this blog (The condom size wizard). Each CAS size is proposed for a stretch percentage between 15% and 21% while the condom size wizard takes a more comfortable approach (between 10 and 15%).

Anyway, congratulations to the Condomerie shop. May they carry on participating in education for many more years.

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