Sunday, February 19, 2012

The average erect penis girth may be even smaller than previously thought

As demonstrated previously,
the average erect penis circumference of western men is 121.67mm +- 13.34mm (4.79in +- 0.53in).
It actually may be significantly lower.

The condom requirements were disclosed during an eight-month study conducted by the Institute of Condom Consultancy, based in Singen, southern Germany. The purpose of the survey was to educate teenagers about the importance of effective contraception.
10 477 men from 25 European Union member countries were therefore surveyed on their penis length and girth.

The European erect penis girth averaged around 117mm (4.61in)

This is slightly below the results from scientific studies. This is surprising as usually the self-reported surveys give significantly higher results. For example the French came out on top with a claimed average girth of 136.3mm. Jan Vinzenz Krause, the institute's director, refused to comment on how honest he thought the Frenchmen had been in reporting the data. Clearly some wishful thinking or even lies were involved in this result.I invite you to follow this very sensitive and funny link:

To conclude, depending on the country and its culture, people may be more or less honest in reporting their actual penis size and if the average ends up below the one from scientific studies, it could reflects that some bias inherent to these studies have been eliminated. One could even say that the true average may be even below 117mm...

World average

This is more tricky. But one could take into account the few scientific studies realised in Asia, which represents at least half the world population.

Here is a chart reporting the main studies in the world concerning the average erect penis circumference (girth):
NB: The different kinds of measurement method (self-report after training, pharmacologically induced erections...) are equivalent as demonstrated brillantly:

The world average erect penis circumference is anywhere between 114 and 118mm (4.49 and 4.65in).

No reliable data from Africa were found. But from the Kinsey data, it appears that the difference between Caucasian and African averages could be neglected.

K Promodu, K V Shanmughadas, S Bhat and K R Nair. Penile length and circumference: an Indian study. International Journal of Impotence Research (2007) 19, 558–563

Institut für Kondomberatung. Europäische Penisgrößenstudie.


  1. Hey, I came across two Asian studies with erect circumferences:


    You have to download the PDF to view specific details/measurements of the entire study. This study had a sample size of 309 men. The 2nd page of the PDF specifies an erect circumference of 12.11 cm (4.77 inches), as well as a bone-pressed erect length of 14.06 cm (5.54 inches).


    This study had a sample size of 39 men (small, I know). The erect circumference in this study turned out to be 11.93 cm (4.70 inches), along with a bone-pressed erect length of 13.58 cm (5.35 inches).

  2. Heisig,

    Thank you for your input.

    These figures are in line with the global calculated averages and don't fundamentaly change them.

    It tends to prove as well that the differences between ethnicities (if any) are very small, and depends more on the level of development than on the ethnicity itself.

    Concerning length, it is of no interest. Remember this site is about condoms, and how to choose them based on girth.

  3. The Wessells data shows a "mean" Erect Length of 5.07" + Fat Pad Depth of 1.12" for what they call a Functional Length (BPEL) of 6.20". That is misleading though, as participants were broken out into younger or older than 40 yrs old, to account for increasing fat pad depth as men age. Looking at the mean data by age group we come up with:
    < 40 yrs old = 5.24" Erect Length(NBPEL) + 0.70" Fat Pad = 5.94" Functional Length (BPEL)
    > 40 yrs old = 4.83" Erect Length(NBPEL) + 1.20" Fat Pad = 6.04" Functional Length (BPEL)

    Some quotes from the body of the paper:
    - "Measurements were made of the erect length from the pubo-penile skin junction to the meatus, circumference at mid-shaft, and the fat pad depth."
    - "Functional penis length was defined as the sum of the erect length plus the fat pad depth."

    1. Already published here on 2013 January 3rd:

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